Emotional Healing through Integrative Astrology


Dancing With Your Shadow is a powerful technique for healing the root causes of emotional dysfunction and self limiting behaviors. Our work combines recent findings of body mind research and the incomparable insights of Integrative Astrology.

This is an experiential practice, not a talk therapy. Surpassing mere intellectual understanding and connecting deeply to our body-mind, with safety and support, we can directly explore the suppressed energy of our deepest traumas, our darkest emotions, and our most challenging karmic patterns.

We develop our capacity for the “Witness Consciousness” – the stillness of detached mindfulness. As we hold the experience of our repressed energies in the spontaneous healing power of this awakened alpha trance state, the feeling energies automatically neutralize and come into balance.

The process is like learning to “dance” with one’s own repressed energies, reclaiming the personal power inherent in these rejected aspects of ourselves. We achieve a sense of wholeness, emotional health and balance, while establishing an effective spiritual practice.